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Building Permits

If you have decided to renovate check with your municipality in the jurisdiction your building is in regards to requirements for obtaining a building permit. Local zoning and planning controls may affect the use of your planned space and affect your renovation if you are contemplating a change of use. Other ‘Authorities Having Jurisdiction’ may dictate requirements for your building project such as Conservation Authorities and Electrical Safety Authorities.

Basic rule of thumb, all additions require a permit. In the case of altering the inside of an existing space the scope of your work will dictate whether you need one or not. You will need a building permit if the renovation encompasses 10 M2, or 108 square feet which is a room of roughly 10′ x 10′.

Permits ensure the health, safety, fire protection, accessibility standards and resource management. It is legislated to protect yourself and others. If you are contemplating the purchase of a home or commercial property in all cases you will be advised to buy a home or property where the Owner took the time and care to get a permit. Were licensed and qualified tradesmen used to complete the work. Was the work done safely and completed and inspected? Take the time to inquire before you get started.

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