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Keith and I are excited about relaunching our web site, a perfect opportunity to reflect. Twenty-four years ago Formworks was hatched in a one room school house in Arkwright, ON just outside of Tara. We made our move to Barrie shortly after. In retrospect, our move to Barrie was fortuitous in many respects. It is a wonderful supportive community, great schools with unparalleled recreational possibilities.

Ten years ago we moved to our current location at 61 Collier and renovated. We learned a few things during that undertaking which you would think in our business we should know. We were ten years younger then and eager to do things ourselves. Lesson One – floating concrete isn’t as easy as it looks especially when it comes off the truck late in the day with an accelerator additive. The lesson learned was reinforced by a concrete floor that looked like craters on the moon. We had more lessons about floor levelling and grinding the hard way. Ultimately the lesson learned was to hire professionals. We will be expanding and moving next door to 63 Collier and undertaking another renovation. The opportunities to build and renovate for yourself are really so rare.

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